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I am a {{ age }} y/o CS-Student from Germany and work as a software developer at LiveReader. I do programming since many years and like scientific topics in general. I develop apps and services for a variety of purposes in a wide range of programming languages.
Lots of my projects are Apps for iOS, iPadOS and macOS developed in Swift. I love the SwiftUI framework for developing in the Apple-Ecosystem because of the declarative method and the gain of speed. But I also develop webapplications and microservices.
Many of my developments are either company projects or private side projects but I want to make more of my work accessible on GitHub in the future.

In my spare time I like playing around with microcontrollers like Arduino and ESP-Modules to create and compliment my SmartHome. Sometimes I write C++ libraries for them and push them on my GitHub.
I also like to experiment with the Twitch API and try some of the features it offers. I'm trying and creating some funny overlays which may improve my own Twitch-Streams I am doing sometimes.
Along this I can commit to many topics in scientific and computer science and I like experimenting and testing new technologies.

Published Apps

PDF Lecture Present

PDF Lecture

We interpret the word “Lecture” as a living and dynamically changing event. It’s the conversation and interaction between moderator and audience. PDF Lecture is designed to handle this kind of dynamic presentation like no other app.

Tools like PowerPoint and Keynote are great to create and perform a predefined and static presentation. Beside this, they barely allow deviations from a predefined path and do not offer a way to log such changes and share them with the audience. PDF Lecture has been developed to fit exactly these needs.

PDF Lecture is designed for an evolving and dynamically changing presentation. It starts where other apps end, so we hope you like it.

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ObServer Results


ObServer helps you to check the availability for an unlimited list of URLs. It verifies the URLs frequently in the background and sends a notification as soon as a service is unavailable or the website returns some error.

Free to use: You can setup an unlimited number of URLs and use the background check or manual check for free. All data is stored to create a full collection of statistical data. Errors will be shown as notifications. The initial demo-URLs also present the capabilities of the interactive diagrams and how easy thousands of history logs can be analyzed.

In-app purchase: The in-app purchase offers the interactive diagrams for all URLs and we appreciate your contribution which supports our ongoing work on this app.

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Published Frameworks

Sensorplot Webinterface

SensorPlot WebInterface

The SensorPlot WebInterface framework is written in C++ and is designed for microcontrollers. It is made to create a webinterface to display up to 32 Plot-Graphs representing sensor measurements. Each graph provides a csv download link, containing all tracked Plot-Data of this sensor.
As a summory on the top is a view, containing the latest sensor measurements and a smiley which represents the state of those values.
By hovering over the graph, the info-cursor will show up and display detailed information about the measurement at this time. Displayed will be the exact value and time at which the measurement has been made.

This C++ microcontroller frameworks is available as a public repository on GitHub and accessible in the integrated Arduino Library Manager.

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